$1650/ year
Sales area: Global countries / regions
Multi-country/region support
About 100 supported countries/regions
Multi-channel online payment
WeChat Pay, Alipay, PayPal, Paytm, Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit cards, and more
Multilingual support
English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Multi-currency support
80 supported currencies
Default templates
Page design
Unlimited product publishing
Employee account
Order management
Freight charge templates
Collect on delivery
Data analysis
Report downloading
Theme color
Scene supermarket
Smart scenario-based recommendation
Customer service settings
Email marketing
Shipment tracking
Message notification
Third-party linking
Fulfillment by Amazon
indicates separate subscription is required for feature availability.
Q: What are the prerequisites for activating the App Mall service?
A: You have an OEM app or a custom app built on Tuya SDK.
Q: How do I activate the App Mall service?
A: You can activate the App Mall service in three steps: subscribing to App Mall, configuring basic store settings, and binding to your app.
Q: Can I bind one App Mall subscription to multiple apps?
A: Yes, one App Mall subscription can be bound to multiple apps.
Q: Can I create sub-accounts for my store?
A: Yes, you can create sub-accounts. Sub-accounts have access to the store and do not have access to Tuya IoT Platform.
Q: Does Tuya charge me any fees, for example, commission fees, for an in-app transaction? How do I receive payments?
A: No, Tuya does not charge you any fees for an in-app transaction. Before you bind App Mall to your app, you must set a receiving account on Tuya IoT Platform. When your customer pays for an order, the payment directly goes to the account. 
Q: After App Mall is bound to my app, do I need to reconstruct my app and re-publish it to app stores?
A: That depends. If your OEM app uses v3.17.6 templates or later, you do not need to re-publish the app.
Q: Are stores operated independently across countries and regions?
A: Yes, store operations, including product publishing, store setting, and currency management, are separate across countries and regions. Stores across countries and regions are managed in one operation center.
Q: What if I want the store to be invisible to customers before it is generally available?
A: If you are in the store configuration step, you can specify test accounts for debugging. This way, only the specified test accounts have access to your store.