Suitable for small businesses to quickly build online shelves to increase product exposure and help attract traffic from off-site malls
$500/ year
Suitable for growing businesses, independently operating private domain traffic, satisfying the precipitation of user fans, and achieving sales growth
$2500/ year
Feature List
Feature List
Online Store
Multi-country/region support
1 Piece
Multilingual support
Multi-currency support
Storefront Template
1 Piece
Product Listing
Amazon Product Importer
URL Redirection
Order management
Freight charge templates
Collect on delivery
Multi-channel online payment
Promotion Code
Scene supermarket
Smart scenario-based recommendation
Email marketing
Notification Push
Data Analysis
Data Insights
Traffic Analysis
Product Insights
Transaction Analysis
Store Operation
Employee account
Batch Shipment
Multi-package delivery
Theme color
Shopify Product Improter
Report downloading
Live Chat
Shipment tracking
Message notification
User Portrait
It means that it needs to be opened separately for use
Q: What are the prerequisites for activating the App Mall service?
A: You have an OEM app or a custom app built on Tuya SDK.
Q: How do I activate the App Mall service?
A: You can activate the App Mall service in three steps: subscribing to App Mall, configuring basic store settings, and binding to your app.
Q: Can I bind one App Mall subscription to multiple apps?
A: Yes, one App Mall subscription can be bound to multiple apps.
Q: Can I create sub-accounts for my store?
A: Yes, you can create sub-accounts. Sub-accounts have access to the store and do not have access to Tuya IoT Platform.
Q: Does Tuya charge me any fees, for example, commission fees, for an in-app transaction? How do I receive payments?
A: No, Tuya does not charge you any fees for an in-app transaction. Before you bind App Mall to your app, you must set a receiving account on Tuya IoT Platform. When your customer pays for an order, the payment directly goes to the account. 
Q: After App Mall is bound to my app, do I need to reconstruct my app and re-publish it to app stores?
A: That depends. If your OEM app uses v3.17.6 templates or later, you do not need to re-publish the app.
Q: Are stores operated independently across countries and regions?
A: Yes, store operations, including product publishing, store setting, and currency management, are separate across countries and regions. Stores across countries and regions are managed in one operation center.
Q: What if I want the store to be invisible to customers before it is generally available?
A: If you are in the store configuration step, you can specify test accounts for debugging. This way, only the specified test accounts have access to your store.